Classic Clay

““This is the best synthetic clay court in the world”” just one of the many descriptions made by professional tennis players that have used this surface.

Classic ClayTM is one of TEB Contractors new endeavours and we are very excited to offer this premium choice court to our clients. Fully supported by Grassman we are looking forward to many installations of a surface that can provide all players with a new challenge exposing them to an opportunity to enhance their skills.

Classic ClayTM has the look, feel and play of clay with controlled slide and low-ball bounce. The advantages of producing synthetic clay compared to real clay are the fraction of the maintenance costs, and no dirt or grime. It does not require the continuous watering; it is a true waterless surface. With today’s water restrictions this surface represents the best solution for those who want traditional clay.

The surface is beneficial because it does not suffer frost heave and is the fastest drying court on the market; the colour remains consistent across the entire surface and is UV treated and fade resistant.

The mineral in-fill used is a consistent sized sand and is large enough to not become airborne, eliminating dust and discolouration of shoes, clothes and club or home amenities.

Classic ClayTM is also suitable for indoor use; the court has good sound absorption benefits, which is particularly attractive for coaching as instructions can be heard easily.

We specialise in the construction, resurfacing, repair and maintenance of all courts and sporting surfaces:

• Tennis Courts
• Cricket Pitches
• Hockey Fields
• Basketball Courts
• Netball Courts
• Indoor Gyms
• Playgrounds
• Bowling Greens

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